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This recording is a bit less traditional than the first one.  I asked the engineer to be a little more experimental with this recording.  It includes some studio chat, some backwards sounds at the beginning and end along with a bit of reverb and echo effect.  It features acoustic guitarist extraordinaire Tim Merkel and was again engineered by Eric Erickson.  Both recordings were mixed by Eric Ericksion and LaMont Prospect.     

For more audio recordings (English-Spanish, English-Italian, English-Mandarin, English-French) YouTube:  LaMont Prospect CONTROL.

This recording is very special to me as it was the first audio recording of The Prologue.  It is considered somewhat traditional in nature.  It features the talented Kurt Krause on piano and was engineered by Eric Erickson at Gnome Studio in Burlington, WI.  

​​"The Prologue Medium Mix II"

          LaMont Prospect

"The Prologue Abstract Mix II"

             LaMont Prospect