LaMont Prospect

Height:  5’10”                                                                      

Weight:  210 lbs                                                       

Eyes:  Brown                                                                       

Hair:  Brown                                                              e-mail:


TAGGED                                                Forensic Psychologist          Independent Film

An Addict for My Addictions           Elladio (Supportive)             Independent Film

Momma’s Boy                                     Police Officer (Minor)          Independent Film



MPS Kid’s Program                         Guest                                     Local Cable Milwaukee



Actor Improv                                      Comedy Improv Group                             The Improv Arc

Edward Middleton                            The Drunkard                                              Racine Theatre Guild

Stanley Parker                                  A Bed full of Foreigners                             Racine Theatre Guild

Arlecchino                                         The Three Cuckolds                                     Racine Theatre Guild

"THE PROLOGUE"                              A one act play by LaMont Prospect      Belfry Theatre Williams Bay, WI                                                                                                                       


Jerry                                                   The Zoo Story                            UW-Madison, Vilas Hall

Joe Keller                                          All My Sons                                UW-Madison, Vilas Hall

Chorus Member                               At Hawk’s Well                        UW-Madison, Vilas Hall

George Clemenceau                       In Time To Come                      UW-Madison, Vilas Hall

William Shakespeare                      Dark Lady of The Sonnets     Mitchell Theatre

Chorus Member                               The Jealousy of Emer              Mitchell Theatre

Father Donald                                  Sticks and Bones                      UW-Madison, Vilas Hall

Macbeth                                             Macbeth                                     UW-Madison, Vilas Hall


B.A. English, UW-Madison 1981, M.S.W. UW-Milwaukee 1993, Ph.D. School Psychology Loyola Chicago 1999

ARC Improve Classes—Madison Wisconsin

Florida Studio Workshop—Acting One, Comedy Class, Sarasota FL, Special Instruction in Boxing, Stage Movement, Asian Stage Combat, extensive travel internationally              

Author:  CONTROL-A Book About People With An Excessive Need To Control Other People Or Things And About People Who Allow Themselves To Be Controlled By Other People And Things (Eloquent Books, NY. NY. 2008).

You Tube:  "LaMont Prospect CONTROL"